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Starting a new business is an exciting and demanding opportunity that will benefit from timely legal advice. Your company can gain a competitive advantage through effective organization and careful planning for common legal pitfalls.


Even the best business strategy cannot predict the future, and when disputes arise during the life of your business, you need a tenacious advocate with a sense of leverage and timing. Mediation may be effective before pursuing litigation, but strong representation benefits every business conflict situation.


Regulated industries, such as cannabis or professional services, face unique and often overwhelming compliance challenges. The demands of interpreting rules and implementing policies can come into tension with business goals and practices. Because that can lead to conflict with government regulating bodies, you may need to defend your license to conduct business. If that happens, you want legal counsel.


Growing your business and thriving in competitive markets means developing your brand; making your mark. Your trade secrets and brand identity are your intellectual property and it is critical that you take steps to protect and assert those rights.


Because of a lifetime passion for performing music, Jim loves working with intellectual property issues in the entertainment industry. Myriad revenue streams, interacting laws and business practices make the music business a forest often worthy of a legal guide.